“You all have to work with the amazing Jami Pass Cullen. She and I did a last-minute photo shoot back in March 2015 and she pulled off all of my ideas and brought great outfits to make the shoot super awesome!!!”

Jace Delgado
JRD Photography

“Jami is very easy going and always brings her “A game” to every shoot. She always comes prepared, usually with more outfit choices and ideas than were discussed. Takes direction very well and is experienced enough to be able to roll with posing and add her own flair. She is always a joy to work with and I would highly recommend her for any project! If you are on the fence about shooting with her, get off it already and contact her. You won’t be sorry!”

Shawn Ingram
Ingram Photography

“I have worked with Jami on many occasions and the best description I have for her would be Human chameleon with a watch. She can do or be anything you want her to be and she is always on time and ready when you are. When I look for a model to help me complete a project or realize a vision, her name is always at the top of the list.”

Dan Rowland
Commercial Works Photography

“Jami brings a level of enthusiasm to her work and comes prepared to give 100%.  I’ve relied on her for on camera acting, animated character voice work and providing the lead vocals for my show’s theme song.  Jami is versatile,  a lot of fun to work with and takes direction well, which was apparent when I had to drastically rewrite a scene on the fly to accommodate the loss of another actor.  She took it in stride and performed a newly written scene cold.  Most importantly, I got the work done and stayed on schedule thanks to Jami.”

Jeff Haas
Jibber Jabber Studios
Haas Animation

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jami on several projects. From photo shoots to films, she always brings 110%. Jami always is one of the first to show up, and the last to leave. She helps in almost every aspect, from shopping for wardrobe to making props to bringing food and beverages for everyone. And she does everything in between, too. Every time I have worked with her, she has been an essential part of the team. Jami is an asset with any production, and I will not hesitate to work with her again and again. Oh, and did I mention she’s talented, too? Well, she is. I cannot say enough kind things about Jami. I’m thankful not only to be able to call her a collaborator, but a friend as well. She’s fantastic!”

Jeremy Allen
Team Necro Productions

“Jami is a first class actor who goes the extra mile. Always on time, knows her lines, and prepares wonderfully. She is great to have on set because of her great sense of knowing if everything and everyone ready. She helps in every way possible to make the shoots go smoothly.”

Jeremy Borden
Psychosomatic Films