Jami Cullen Resume WITH PIC – 01-24-18jami-cullen-resume-12-25-16

Ages: 45-55
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green – Gold
Height: 5’4”
Dress Size: 14
Shoe Size: 8.5

On-Camera Actor * Voice-Over Artist * Print Model

On-Camera Acting:

When Men Think Least     Mistress Quickly    Just A Skosh Productions

Mike McNeely Law          Prosecuting Attorney    Postali Productions

James F. Bogatay Law     Mother Filing Divorce     Postali Productions

Capitulate                       Doreen                  Jeremy Allen

Mission                          Office Manager       Artistic Freedom Ltd.

Another Lost Soul         Dr. Herrick               Kodjo Arts

Pranksters                    Mrs. Velvair              PeopleInventingMotionPictures

Mr. Wilson                     Oliver’s Mother         Jeremy Allen

Equal Chances             Mrs. Bradshaw          Ali Milo

Project Omega               Chief Doctor             PsychoSomatic Films

DUALiTY                        Aunt Dottie              Jeremy Allen

Cannibillies                    Eve Iscariot              Team Necro

Programmed                 Cassie’s Mother          Kodjo Somana

GODSPEED (trailer)       Jacqueline               Celia C. Peters

Blood Ties                        Mother of Three         Offshoot Productions

Project Republic (trailer)    Post-War Housewife    Longship Entertainment

Room Without a View         Madame Time            PsychoSomatic Films

Voice-Over Acting:

Animated Web Series              “Scratch and Sniff” – Jibber Jabber Studios

Promotional Videos                Narrator – The Gravely Group

OBWC Animated Videos (6)      Hailey – KMI Learning

Radio Commercial                  UPS Store
Audio “Character” Novel          “McNificent” – Raymond Prisby
On-Hold Messages                 StudentWay Sales
Business Presentation             BeWell Marketplace
Radio Commercial                   iPhone
Radio Commercial                   Monterey Bay and Aquarium
Radio Commercial                   George Washington Colleg
Radio PSA                              Women’s Checkups
On-Hold Telephone Message      Beezid.com
Animated Series                     Lunatics:No Children in Space   Anansi Spaceworks

Print Modeling:

Professional Web Page              Main Image                  Davis Law Group
Magazine Feature(12 pages)       Eclat Photography        JRD Photography
Magazine Feature(6 pages)      “Handsome and Brittle”    Necro GirlsSFX Magazine
Magazine Feature(10 pages)    3-D Movie Massacre”       Necro Girls SFX Magazine
Gallery Series                         “DIY Super Hero”           Seymour Photography
Gallery Image                         “Self Reflection”             G. Michael Images

Instructional Brochure              Insulin “Kwik Pen”          Eli Lilly Pharmaceutical
Gallery Series                      “Opulent Madness”     Jeffery Steele/Matthew Reese


-Acting Course – Making Characters Your Own      Aaron Marcus

– Acting Course: “Using Actions More Than Words: – J.W. Myers
– Improv Course – “Reacting Quickly to Enhance Performance” – ScOtt Summit
– Acting Instruction – “Face to Face” Acting – Jon Sudol
– Voice-Over Instruction: “Big Voice Productions” – Ron Allen
– Voice-Over Instruction: “Spoilt for Voices” – Steve Britain
– Modeling Seminar: James Pentaudi
– On-Camera Seminar: Lori Knight
– Kaplan University Masters of Science in Secondary Mathematics Education –
– Ohio State University Bachelors of Science in Secondary Math/Computer Science Education

Special Skills:

– Can speak extremely quickly, with exceptional clarity (Tongue -Twister Fast)
– Can roll eyes in large circles at a very fast rate
– Can play the flute with skill / sing on key, possessing relative pitch
– Is always positive, energetic, professional, and dependable